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OakSeptic - profile picture

I can't stop living in irrational fear

Four years ago almost to the day my uncle died of cancer. It was a very abrupt diagnosis and passing, he only had six weeks in between getting the news and laying on ... Read more

Ozrik84 - profile picture

New, my summery.

Hey everyone I'm new here in my mid to late 30s. I have issues with Anxiety, OCD and Agoraphobia. My medication works quite well most of the time. I wanted to join the fo ... Read more

Ozrik84 - profile picture

Mediciation not working so well

Usally I've coped well for quite a while but it appears my medication dosn't seem to be working as well as it should or I'm not responding to it as well as I should. Cert ... Read more

Bipolar94 - profile picture

Why is mental health care so bad here in Australia?

So much for free health care in Australia!    Sure i had heaps of mental health support growing up and as a young adult but now im nearing 30 with a diagnosis o ... Read more


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